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We are passionate about our craft and love sharing our knowledge and expertise with other architecture, design and up-and-coming lighting professionals. Learn how the fine art of lighting artistry and illumination can take even the most exquisite design to an entirely new level.

Photo used with permission of the International Landscape Lighting Institute.

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Mentoring & Education

We are passionate about our craft and love imparting our knowledge and expertise with other design and landscape lighting professionals. Oak Crest Landscape & Lighting Founder and Principal Jim Ply has traveled the United States and the world training and mentoring others in the fine art and science of the very latest landscape lighting techniques. 

We are pleased to conduct in-service trainings for architecture and design professionals seeking to elevate design projects for clients by incorporating detailed landscape lighting practices to bring their work into an entirely new dimension.

We also are proud to serve as a mentor and trainer in the classroom and out in the field to the next generation of landscape lighting artists through our affiliation with the International Landscape Lighting Institute (ILLI) and other professional associations.  View some examples of our mentoring projects. 

Jim is available for speaking engagements or training for your professional development needs. Please submit your request using the contact form below:

Request Jim Ply for speaking or training

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