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We are passionate about the work we do—about helping clients create extraordinary spaces and about training and educating the next generation in industry-best lighting techniques and practices. We don't do it for the awards or the accolades, but we are nonetheless honored to have our work recognized by our peers in the industry. 


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Featured in
Inspired Outdoor Living

We are among the nation's leading outdoor designers to be featured in Inspired Outdoor Living, to be published in Spring 2023.

View a preview here.

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Honored with the
Luxe RED Award

One of the projects we worked on with Hoffman & Ospina was selected for a Residential Exterior Design (RED) Award from Luxe Magazine.

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Featured in
Architectural Digest

Our work in collaboration with Hoffman & Ospina Landscape Architecture was featured in the November 2019 issue of Architectural Digest.

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Recognized with the
Janet Moyer Award

One of our projects was honored with the 2013 Janet Moyer Award, named after the world-renowned landscape lighting designer Janet Moyer.

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Featured in
Veranda Magazine

Veranda Magzine's "Best in Outdoor Living" March/April 2021 issue featured a project in collaboration with Hoffman & Ospina Landscape Architecture.

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Selected for AOLP's
Best in Show Award

Our work was selected by our industry peers in AOLP to receive the Best in Show and Best in Category.

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