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Enhance your outdoor space by adding a completely immersive outdoor audio system to complement your home's landscape and lighting artistry. 

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Transformative Outdoor Audio

Turn your outdoor space into a living work of art and a multimedia, immersive experience by adding a state-of-the-art audio system to complement your landscape lighting. You won't just see every detail around you—you'll literally feel it, too. With your favorite music playing in the background, you'll feel every note, every beat, every pause from this incredible audio system designed specifically for outdoor, all-weather use.

Oak Crest Landscape & Lighting is proud to be an authorized Coastal Source dealer, providing and installing a truly exquisite sound system like no other. 

The superb high-performance sound, coupled with our lighting experience, complement one another to give you the complete outdoor experience perfect for celebrations, parties or simply relaxing under the stars. 

Coastal Source audio products have been built with integrity and designed to endure intense environmental testing to yield the industry’s most reliable, high-performance outdoor audio systems available on the market today.

Contact us to learn more about adding an audio system to your outdoor space.

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